A New Portfolio Site

I'm proud to show off my new portfolio website http://flan.website/ that highlights some of my best projects to date. My previous portfolio, listed here on my WordPress site, had grown and become hard to navigate and understand. With some feedback and ideas I got from nice people at a MeetUp, I made bought a domain,… Continue reading A New Portfolio Site


Progress on React and Jasmine

Recently I've been dedicated to applying to job but I still have made some more progress with React and testing with Jasmine. I created a single page React App that uses the ProPublica API to easily look up government officials. Here is the code on GitHub and it is hosted on GitHub Pages. The API… Continue reading Progress on React and Jasmine

Python with MIT online and back to React

Since my last post I've completed the online course MIT 6.0001 'Intro to CS and Programming in Python' and worked on a few more projects to improve my skills in React. I've posted my coursework from the MIT course on my GitHub here. I'm continuing to review Stephen Grider's Udemy course and and am progressing… Continue reading Python with MIT online and back to React

Wrapping up Rails, Deeper into CSS

This past week I have completed the Rails section of the Odin Project. The course content and Michael Hartl's tutorial have given me a good basis to continue moving forward with back-end development. I've decided to improve and expand two of the apps for inclusion in my portolio; Invitebrite on Heroku and the code on… Continue reading Wrapping up Rails, Deeper into CSS