More JavaScript practice and touching up Ruby

I've had a busy week and a half with a focus on OOP in JS and Ruby. My most recent effort is the classic snake game written in JS, check out the code here or play it on GitHub pages. It's still a work in progress and it's been fun to work with the key… Continue reading More JavaScript practice and touching up Ruby


Wrapping up Rails, Deeper into CSS

This past week I have completed the Rails section of the Odin Project. The course content and Michael Hartl's tutorial have given me a good basis to continue moving forward with back-end development. I've decided to improve and expand two of the apps for inclusion in my portolio; Invitebrite on Heroku and the code on… Continue reading Wrapping up Rails, Deeper into CSS

Using Google Maps API

To gain some experience with APIs, I chose to implement the Google Maps JS API for one of my recent projects. Check out my work, specifically the branch where the action happened, on GitHub or see the an example of the map on Heroku. The implementation for Google Maps API was overall straightforward. I registered… Continue reading Using Google Maps API