More JavaScript practice and touching up Ruby

I've had a busy week and a half with a focus on OOP in JS and Ruby. My most recent effort is the classic snake game written in JS, check out the code here or play it on GitHub pages. It's still a work in progress and it's been fun to work with the key… Continue reading More JavaScript practice and touching up Ruby


JavaScript Basics with small projects

Recently I have focused on creating smaller projects to reinforce my understanding of JS basics. Here are a few of my recent efforts: a quiz: GitHub code - GitHub pages a to-do list: GitHub code - GitHub pages a song playlist: GitHub code - GitHub pages dice roller: GitHub code - GitHub pages Flicker API… Continue reading JavaScript Basics with small projects

Building an App with Sinatra

Today I completed my first web application with RSpec and a GUI without following a tutorial. Check out what I built here, hosted on Heroku. There was guidance in the tips in the instructions, but I worked through the cycle of implementing, checking error messages, and Googling for solutions when needed. The project was expanding… Continue reading Building an App with Sinatra