JavaScript Games

I've recently been focusing on creating classic games in pure JavaScript.  I started with tic-tac-toe. Here is the code on GitHub and the result on GitHub Pages. I compared it with my version made in Ruby, made earlier this year, only after completion and I was happy with the improvement. In particular, use of arrays… Continue reading JavaScript Games


CSS Preprocessors on Linux

As I forge ahead with learning more advanced CSS, using a preprocessor has been very helpful with larger projects. I'm putting the final touches on my previous two projects, mentioned in a previous post, and moving on to recreating a NY Times article, hosted on GitHub Pages and here's the code on GitHub. I've used… Continue reading CSS Preprocessors on Linux

Mini App Collection with Sinatra

As my Heroku account fills up, I set out on a side project to combine my smaller projects into a single simple portfolio. Check out the app on heroku here or the code is up on github. The project gave me experience assembling the separate Ruby, Javascript, and styling files into a single structure. I… Continue reading Mini App Collection with Sinatra

Building an App with Sinatra

Today I completed my first web application with RSpec and a GUI without following a tutorial. Check out what I built here, hosted on Heroku. There was guidance in the tips in the instructions, but I worked through the cycle of implementing, checking error messages, and Googling for solutions when needed. The project was expanding… Continue reading Building an App with Sinatra