4UBWs_G5b9eirSjR4b3mekmlicKyrDos3VpRubUOqog,9QtF4j78wyTWwkKFawzFwjT_DmE2ONLJUsmYB7n0oQk,V_FktoWe4UC32wlf3Ulp3JHvxlM4VbossMYRoZdgMLc,C48hUNKoybPzCNhUQ38IB_wtUzmabBvg98Be6kG7clU,jhB3112jZxHello my name is Chris Flan and I’m an aspiring developer with an interest in web development and music. This blog is here to tell you what I’m up to and show my growth as a developer.



Development Skills

CSS, SCSS, Bootstrap
Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Sinatra
Javascript, jQuery


UCLA 2010, B.A. Music Performance, Classical Guitar Performance

Why Do I Want to be a Developer?

  • I enjoy problem solving, logic, and creating useful things.
  • I enjoy continuous learning.