4UBWs_G5b9eirSjR4b3mekmlicKyrDos3VpRubUOqog,9QtF4j78wyTWwkKFawzFwjT_DmE2ONLJUsmYB7n0oQk,V_FktoWe4UC32wlf3Ulp3JHvxlM4VbossMYRoZdgMLc,C48hUNKoybPzCNhUQ38IB_wtUzmabBvg98Be6kG7clU,jhB3112jZxHello,  I’m an aspiring developer with an interest in web development and music. I want to be a developer because I have a passion for continuous learning, creating useful things, and problem solving.  This blog is here to tell you what I’m up to and show my growth as a developer.



Development Skills

React, Javascript, jQuery
CSS, SCSS/SASS, CSS frameworks
Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Sinatra


UCLA 2010, B.A. Music Performance, Classical Guitar Performance
The Odin Project, open source web development course
Modern React with Redux, Stephen Grider