Learning Node and JS Frameworks/Libraries

Since my last post I’ve been focusing on wrapping up some of the JavaScript games, learning the basics of Node, and experimenting with different frameworks and libraries for my next step of learning.

I started with reading the Node documentation and some resources from the Odin Project. While it’s still a challenge, I feel my patience and skills at reading documentation have greatly improved over time. I moved on to nodeschool.io and for some challenges. I enjoyed the problem solving as was glad I spent a good amount of effort with ES2016. Javascriptissexy.com was a great source for explaining syntax, closures, and callbacks that become key in Node. Some of the articles are a few years too old but the concepts are solid and I reconciled them with ES2016.

I find the debate over which JavaScript framework/libraries is most advantageous to begin with somewhat head-spinning. I decided to commit some time superficially reviewing Backbone, Ember, Vue, Angular, and React. I then completed the official Angular tutorial, on my GitHub here, and also the React tutorial, also on my GitHub.

All of the options were attractive and seemed to have strengths. I decided to move forward with React and begin one of the most popular and highest rated courses on Udemy, Modern React with Redux from Stephen Grider. Babel and JSX are intriguing and I’m interested in learning more. I’m enjoying it so far and stay tuned for updates on my progress. For now, here’s my repo of the first project of the course.