Migrating to Bali, CodePen, and Mint

This week has brought a few changes for me. I have returned to Bali and am enjoying the weather and a great (and affordable) environment to focus on my studies.

I have also returned my focus to JavaScript. With a solid base in JavaScript and Ruby, I’m doing a refresher on JS basics to prepare for advanced projects. You can see some of the exercises and projects here on my CodePen. I’ve been using JSfiddle up until now, became frustrated when I found that some of my fiddles were not saved properly. It may have been user error, but a quick Google search seems to suggest others have had this problem. I decided to try out CodePen and I’m really enjoying the features, especially the multiply display options, CSS compiling and autoprefixing, HTML/CSS preprocessor, error messages, console, dark theme, auto-updating preview, and of course auto-save.

Living in Indonesia also entails a much higher temperature and my laptop was running in pretty hot in Ubuntu. I’ve been through most of the motions with trying to get it tuned right like TLP, Thermald, lm-sensors, Psensor, different kernels, and video card drivers. It’s been a headache at times but the experience has taught me about dealing with Linux on machines. I decided to try Mint 18.2, but with no luck I went for 18.1. It’s now on the latest kernel and video drivers. A few more tweaks and it’s running efficiently (knock on wood.