Wrapping up Rails, Deeper into CSS

This past week I have completed the Rails section of the Odin Project. The course content and Michael Hartl’s tutorial have given me a good basis to continue moving forward with back-end development. I’ve decided to improve and expand two of the apps for inclusion in my portolio; Invitebrite on Heroku and the code on GitHub, as well as BLLTN on Heroku and the code on GitHub.

I spend the mornings focused on Rails, setting Pomodoro timers with specific tasks in mind for maximum efficiency. After lunch, I change focus to continue on with the Odin Project course, now into the CSS specific section. During this section of the course I will be recreating a handful of popular web designs from scratch (ignoring Javascript functions and features for now). I’m focusing on responsive web design and using the SASS syntax for my styling. Expect future posts on the specific progress, but here is the progress on two so far:

Youtube video page hosted on GitHub pages and the style sheets
Mint.com signup page hosted on GitHub pages and the style sheets


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