Using Google Maps API

To gain some experience with APIs, I chose to implement the Google Maps JS API for one of my recent projects. Check out my work, specifically the branch where the action happened, on GitHub or see the an example of the map on Heroku.

The implementation for Google Maps API was overall straightforward. I registered for a key and got a static map working in a short amount of time. I then changed to the JavaScript because I wanted to gain the experience and also have the options to manipulate the maps differently in the future. I securely stored the keys locally and on Heroku, as the note in the Heroku Dev Center, and specified the domain in the Google API console as the only allowed referrer.

After implementing the map and tweaking the display properties just a bit, I was worried that I was able to see my referral key in the URL through the DOM inspector. I reviewed the documentation from Google and it seemed that I was doing everything correctly. To double check, I read through some other posts. To triple check, I got on the Odin Project and, as always, I got some help that reassured me that everything was ok.


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