Building Hangman in Sinatra

I'm currently working on building a hangman using Ruby in the Sinatra framework. Take a look at the code here or just see the commits for all of my coursework and notes from the Odin Project. (edit: I've moved this project into a collection of apps. Read about it here.)And here is a screen shot… Continue reading Building Hangman in Sinatra


Building an App with Sinatra

Today I completed my first web application with RSpec and a GUI without following a tutorial. Check out what I built here, hosted on Heroku. There was guidance in the tips in the instructions, but I worked through the cycle of implementing, checking error messages, and Googling for solutions when needed. The project was expanding… Continue reading Building an App with Sinatra

Reading Peter Cooper’s Beginning Ruby

This week I have mostly focused on reading Peter Cooper's Beginning Ruby. It's the most continuous reading from a textbook that I've done in a long time. Up to this point, I've been working through smaller reads before tackling a project or exercise to reinforce the information. The book is great and has been a… Continue reading Reading Peter Cooper’s Beginning Ruby